Why Thomson Nutri

Generations of Care

For generations, Thomson Medical has forged special bonds and touched the lives of many families. Leveraging on our decades of experience in childbirth and expertise in women and children health, we founded Thomson Nutri confinement food which upholds the highest standards of care in the preparation of all our meals.

Developed with Dieticians, Lactation Consultants and TCM Physicians

Each recipe is thoughtfully developed in conjunction with Thomson’s in-house team of Lactation Consultants, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians and Dieticians to aid mothers on their journey to recovery. With a nutritious and balanced diet, and ample rest, a mother can regain her vitality and health and achieve overall wellbeing that lasts a lifetime.

Finest of Herbs and Ingredients

From our choice of herbs to the use of the highest quality ingredients, every single component and detail of our menu is carefully crafted. Our meals contain no sodium salt and MSG, are low in fat, rich in nutritional value, and full of flavour. All soup dishes are double boiled for hours to lock in the nutrients and natural goodness of the ingredients.

Kinmemai Better White™ Rice

Kinmemai Better White™ Rice

Enjoyed by the Japanese people over the past decade, Kinmemai is world's first health inspired rice.

Imported from Japan, Kinmemai is a gourmet specialty rice unlike any other. Manufactured through the patented Kinmemai process, which enhances both the taste and nutrition of tender rice grains, it will please both the gourmands and the nutrition-minded alike.

Kinmemai Better White™ has a slightly buttery, mildly nutty taste and a moist, creamy texture that is superior to that of conventional white rice.

7x More Vitamin 6x LPS*
1.8x More Vitamin B6 17% Less Calories
1.4x More Folic Acid 14% Less Sugar
1.8x More Dietary Fibre

*Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) -
A natural immune system booster which helps strengthen our immunity against cancer, flu and other infections.

Sakura Chicken

Sakura Chicken

Sakura Chickens are raised at eco-friendly farms and housed in a clean and hygienic environment with ample space for movement and carefully controlled temperature. They are fed with lactobacillus to strengthen their immune systems naturally, and are not administered with antibiotics. As a result, Sakura Chickens are exceptionally tender, succulent, and delicious.

Sheng Yu Fillet

Sheng Yu Fillet

Sheng Yu Fillet (Snakehead fish) is known to be good for post-surgery recuperation due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its polyunsaturated fatty acids content that helps to aid wound healing.

Cooked Fresh, Delivered Warm Twice Daily

To enhance and ease the postpartum experience, we ensure that all meals are freshly prepared, packed in eco-friendly thermal containers, and delivered on time to the doorstep. Mothers can enjoy warm and delicious meals in their own comfort without the hassle of heating up and washing. Savour our labour of love, so you can focus on yours.

Award-winning Menu

We have been recognised as a 6-time winner of the Best Confinement Food Home Delivery Service award by Parents World, on top of many other awards. These accolades are testament to our commitment and dedication in serving only the best confinement meals.

Made for You

We understand that everyone has food preferences. That is why we offer customisation of rice type and opt-out of ingredients including pork and innards to suit your tastebuds.

Here With You, Every Step of the Way

We know that the recovery process can be stressful, so we’re here to make it better for you. With personalised nutritional benefits and exclusive perks, we help our mothers ease the journey into motherhood.

No sodium salt & MSG

Made with finest ingredients

Developed with Dieticians, Lactation and TCM Consultants

Cooked fresh, delivered warm twice daily

Served in eco-friendly thermal containers

Hassle free, no washing