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The Thomson Nutri Story

A Life Well Nourished

People say when a child is born, so is a mother. In that moment, her life welcomes new meaning – a responsibility to nurture, a re-discovery of self and an expansion in the capacity to love. To us, that is the beauty of motherhood.

Here at Thomson Medical, our heart is to journey with all mothers even beyond the birth process – through the ups and downs, the tears and joy, and the challenges and growth.

We believe a well nourished and balanced diet is the key to heal, restore and revitalise, especially in the initial months after childbirth. This led to the birth of Thomson Nutri, Singapore’s first and only confinement meal delivery by a local and private hospital.

Thoughtfully designed by our in-house team of Lactation Consultants, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians and Dieticians, Thomson Nutri’s award-winning meals help recuperating mothers regain vitality and replenish nutrients during the confinement period. We take care of your recovery, so you can have the energy and health to enjoy the most of what motherhood has to offer.

We are a companion to motherhood, and a champion for life well nourished.

Our Promise

Eat well, feel well so you can savour the best of life.

Nourishment for Life

We make food for life. We are experts in crafting nutritious and balanced meals that are good for the body and great for the soul.

Taste of Life

Taste life in its full depth with the finest flavours and premium foods offered in our award-winning menu carefully designed by our in-house team of experts.

Freedom to Live

From our easy online activation to your first bite – enjoy the best of healthful eating at ease, so you can focus on the things in life that really matter.