Enhances nourishment
Supports uterus healing
Boosts lactation
Aids childbirth recovery

28-Day Lunch & Dinner

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Our 28-Day Lunch & Dinner meal package consists of recipes designed in two cycles – first to enhance digestion and wound healing, and second to maximise nourishment, support recovery and promote lactation.

Each recipe is thoughtfully developed in conjunction with Thomson’s in-house team of Lactation Consultants, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians and Dieticians to aid childbirth recovery. 

Infused with fresh, carefully selected ingredients and herbs, our meals are low in salt and fat, full of natural goodness and contains great nutritional value.

Each meal comes with:
Meat/Fish Vegetables Rice Double-boiled soup Longan & Red Dates Tea

Complimentary Add-on Dishes


Pork Meat Do you want to include pork meat?

Pork Innards Do you want to include pork innards?

Rice Select your preferred rice type

Add-ons To Supplement Your Meals

Pig's Trotters in Vinegar

Freshly Brewed Premium Bird's Nest

Fish & Papaya Soup

Longan & Red Dates Tea (S$4.50 per extra serving)

Other Add-ons To Boost Lactation

Singapore Lactation Bakes Omakase

2NUTGUYS Breakfast Set

Why Thomson Nutri

No sodium salt & MSG

Made with finest ingredients

Developed with Dieticians, TCM and Lactation Consultants

Cooked fresh, delivered warm twice daily

Served in eco-friendly thermal containers

Hassle free, no washing

Pause/Resume anytime

Order now, activate later

Change delivery address easily

Signature Dishes

Made with quality herbs and premium ingredients, our main dishes are not just healthy and nutritional, but also delicious and flavourful.

Braised Pig's Trotters in Black Vinegar

Signature confinement dish that aids postnatal recovery by warming the body and improves lactation

Grilled Salmon with Mirin Sauce

A good source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which contain DHA that is important for baby’s brain and eye development

Hong Zao Chicken

Red glutinous rice wine chicken promotes blood circulation, improves digestion, and lowers cholesterol

Double-boiled Herbal Soups

Our TCM-backed soups are carefully boiled with healing herbs to heal, rejuvenate
and strengthen immunity for speedy recovery and enhanced wellbeing.

Fish & Papaya Soup

Cooked with Sheng Yu (Snakehead fish) and papaya, this best-selling soup is packed with good quality protein and Vitamins C, A, B and E which boosts breastmilk production

Black Chicken Soup with Dang Gui & Chinese Yam

Black chicken is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and is traditionally believed to reduce fatigue while Chinese Yam is rich in fibre and helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Sakura Chicken with Cordyceps Militaris Soup

Cordyceps help to boost energy and strength, improve immunity, and enhance kidney function

Menu Cycles

Our 28-Day Lunch and Dinner Menu consists of two cycles.

Our meals are served on a rotational basis. For instance, your first meal could be Menu 6, as such your subsequent meals will be Menu 7, 8, 9, 10, before looping back to Menu 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to complete the First Cycle. The same applies for the Second Cycle.

Kinmemai Better White Rice

Kinmemai Better White Rice

Enjoyed by the Japanese people over the past decade, Kinmemai is world's first health inspired rice.

Imported from Japan, Kinmemai is a gourmet specialty rice unlike any other. Manufactured through the patented Kinmemai process, which enhances both the taste and nutrition of tender rice grains, it will please both the gourmands and the nutrition-minded alike.

Kinmemai Better White™ has a slightly buttery, mildly nutty taste and a moist, creamy texture that is superior to that of conventional white rice.

7x More Vitamin 6x LPS*
1.8x More Vitamin B6 17% Less Calories
1.4x More Folic Acid 14% Less Sugar
1.8x More Dietary Fibre

*Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) -
A natural immune system booster which helps strengthen our immunity against cancer, flu and other infections.

Sakura Chicken

Sakura Chicken

Sakura Chickens are raised at eco-friendly farms and housed in a clean and hygienic environment with ample space for movement and carefully controlled temperature. They are fed with lactobacillus to strengthen their immune systems naturally, and are not administered with antibiotics. As a result, Sakura Chickens are exceptionally tender, succulent, and delicious.

Sheng Yu Fillet

Sheng Yu Fillet

Sheng Yu Fillet (Snakehead fish) is known to be good for post-surgery recuperation due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its polyunsaturated fatty acids content that helps to aid wound healing.


Overall Rating:
"2nd time ordering confinement meals from Thomson. Love that it is flavourful and healthy, yet not oily and salty. Soups are delicious and portion is great. "
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"The meals were always delivered promptly and there’s a variety over the past 28 days. Enjoyed the pig’s trotters vinegar very much. Only downside was that, no prior notice was given for non-delivery days (Xmas), waited till post-lunch hours before getting a reply to say it’s a non-delivery day."
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"Hi, The food is great, not salty and not oily. We appreciate the cooks who try their best to give us a variety of food so that we won’t feel sick of the food since we are taking it twice a day for the entire confinement period. I love the fish & papaya soup. I also love the salmon teriyaki. We would also like to compliment the uncle who delivers the food to our unit. There were several times we could not make it home in time to open our condo’s gate and activate the lift for the uncle to come to our unit to pass us the food but the uncle was very kind and went the extra mile to find a way to come up to our unit and help us place the food at our requested location. There were also times where he came to our unit and we forgot to inform him that nobody is at home, and nobody opened the condo’s gate or activate the lift for him, but he did not get angry although it was clearly our fault. He assured us it was ok and that he would come back again later on to pass to us. We appreciate his understanding and flexibility. He is also extremely friendly and efficient. My son told me he will miss talking and joking with the uncle today as today is our last day of the package. The uncle is always punctual in delivering the food. We would definitely consider engaging Thomson Nutri again and would highly recommend this to all our friends. Despite we don’t know the uncle’s name, we would like to thank the uncle who delivered the food to us daily. Kindly thank him on our behalf. Thank you."
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28-Day Lunch & Dinner
Subtotal S$2,080.00
Subtotal S$2,080.00