2NUTGUYS Confinement Breakfast Set


2NUTGUYS is a Singapore brand specialising in maternal functional food, they engage in a co-creation process with mothers to develop effective products. Specializing in low Glycemic Index (GI) offerings tailored for mothers managing gestational diabetes, the company is also known for its lactation functional food. With a focus on maternal health and nutrition, 2NUTGUYS pursues innovation and dedication in its mission to empower mothers with nutritious foods for themselves and their babies.

Their Products

2NUTGUYS is committed to freshness and taste. Other than growing the nuts themselves, they handle the entire process to ensure the best quality.

From the beginning, they curated and sourced their nuts from the best suppliers in the US. They then roast, grind, mix, and bottle right in their Singapore SFA-certified facility, putting extra effort and time into extracting the aroma and nutritious nut oil, which is particularly useful to fatten breast milk.

They also keep their nut products away from the nasties. No preservatives, MSG or additives are used in our process. Although this might shorten our product’s lifespan, this was the most responsible, cleanest option for the mummies. They are constantly doing R&D on the process so they can keep increasing the quality of our 2NUTGUYS goodies when delivered to our mummies.

2NUTGUYS Confinement Breakfast Set Subscription

2NUTGUYS has curated special confinement packages for Thomson Nutri Mommies designed to provide them with a nourishing breakfast and snacks. Their aim is to support mothers in their journey of producing colostrum, a vital substance produced in the early days to weeks after childbirth. These packages are thoughtfully designed to give mothers a healthy start in generating colostrum.

These packages include the items below. They will be delivered every week for 1 to 5 weeks - depending on the mommies' needs.

– 1 bottle of Mummy’s Nutmond Butter (220g)

– 1 packet of Mummy’s Walnuts

– 1 packet of Caramelised Walnuts

– 1 packet of Mummy’s Granola

Here’s how you can enjoy these nutritious treats:

For breakfast: You can savour Mummy’s Nutmond Butter by spreading it on crackers or bread, or even relish it on its own.

For snacks: We recommend indulging in Mummy’s Walnuts (savoury) and Caramelised Walnuts (sweet). These delicious treats are not only rich in omega-3 fatty acids but also serve as a perfect snack between meals, providing you with the essential calories needed for breastfeeding.

They will deliver these carefully selected products to your doorstep on a weekly basis for a total of 1 to 5 weeks. Their intention is to support your well-being during this crucial postpartum period by providing you with wholesome and convenient options.